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Bonus JackPot

What is Bonus JackPot?
Bonus JackPot is a 2nd JackPot that will be triggered when the Original JackPot is Hit! There will be a 5% chance to win the Bonus JackPot when it is triggered! We will load the Bonus JackPot with tokens from Projects that we Partner with!
How does it work?
Purchase $LOTTO for the chance to hit the JackPot, if you hit the JackPot then the Bonus JackPot will also be triggered, there will be a 5% Chance for the Bonus JackPot to be hit! If the Bonus JackPot is hit the tokens will be sent to the Winners Address automatically along with the Original JackPot Rewards!
Who is eligible?
Everyone who purchases a minimum of $100 USD will be eligible to win the JackPot and the Bonus JackPot!
Where do the Tokens come from?
The tokens that the Bonus JackPot will be paying out will come from Partnerships that we secure! Upon securing partnerships we will either buy/receive tokens from the Partnerships that we will inject into the Bonus JackPot for $LOTTO players to have a chance to win!