Not only will a zkDogen holder be a member of the dao and be able to vote on the projects developments but zkDogen Holders will also earn rewards for simply holding a zkDogen.

How it works!

The $zkDoge that is used to purchase tickets to the lottery will be allocated to every staked zkDogens! To receive your $zkDoge rewards a zkDogen staker must claim their $zkDoge on the Dapp. The $zkDoge rewards will be available immediately after every Lottery Drawing which is every 24 hours!

zkDogen holders will be rewarded $zkDoge in accordance to the rarity of the fur their zkDogen NFT has.

There are 5 Rarities of zkDogens. Legendary, Epic, Rare, Uncommon, Common.

The Rarities of the zkDogens Fur determines your reward multiplier.

Legendary - x16

Epic - x8

Rare - x4

Uncommon - x2

Common - x1

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